The Benefits Of Using A Resource Box In Your Articles

The Benefits Of Using A Resource Box In Your Articles

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Resource Box In Your Articles?

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A resource box is normally an area at the end of an article containing the name of the author, his expertise and description of the site along with a link. If a reader likes the article and wants to read more, the chances are he will click on this link to the source of the article and go to the site to find more information.

Of course the article topic would be related to the site content. For example, if the article is about consumer electronics, the link should lead to a site that markets all manner of electronic products used in the home.

Just like the article itself, this area should also be interesting to attract and hold the attention of the reader. The text link must also be keyword prompting for the reader to click.

The main benefit of a good resource box is to drive traffic to your website. Many sites allow articles to be placed on their sites for content fillers. Traffic generated are potential customers and they may very well buy from your site if not today, sometime in the future.

Getting customers to your site should be the most important function, second only to the quality of the product and services offered. These must go hand in hand in providing customer satisfaction after they have purchased your product.

You can also combine your marketing and customer service through opt-in marketing. A resource box with a link to your opt-in page gives you get the opportunity to introduce your site and products all at the same time, while building your list.

Building an opt-in marketing strategy by way of publishing articles is one of the most cost effective ways to market on the internet today. Through your resource box you will get the consent of site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and e-zine.

Well written articles full of useful information will help in building your list as well as generating sales and ultimately, profits for your business. When visitors to your site see the quality of your articles, they will be intrigued as to what will come next thus, subscribing to your newsletter and other offers.

Writing and publishing excellent articles will help in search engine optimization of your sites.
There is a search on for well written information packed articles for web content as well as for newsletters.

The majority of these articles provide the information that is sought after on the internet. If these types of articles are on your site along with a resource box, your increased traffic and resultant sales could make you wealthy.

Excellent content for this section should be mainly keywords, use all the proper keywords that people usually search for. Use the many tools you can find on the internet like: word tracker, overture etc. to help find the right keywords to use.

You must use your imagination and much creativity when creating a feature, owing to the limited space given for it. Get the attention of your reader with resource box content that is unique and ask for the click, since you don’t have the option of graphics. With the right content and a properly constructed resource box, you are a winner.

You should also use the keywords that relate to your website. Your credibility makes for – more lifetime repeat customers to your site. Entice your readers to click your link by providing good content that makes a lasting impression. In many cases, you may only get one chance to impress them, use it wisely.


The resource box is very powerful don’t ever underestimate its effectiveness, small in size yet, an amazing force for sending traffic to websites. Get creative and make the offer irresistible, just realize how important it is , then set it up for maximum clicks on the link to your website.

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