Software for bulk SMS texting service
Software for bulk SMS texting service
Software for bulk SMS texting service

Software for bulk SMS texting service

SMS 2 Business is a hardware and software system for mass text messaging, which can be integrated with any existing software or to be built: the management mobile SMS software, the ERP, the CRM, the Sales Force Automation, the MRP.

SMS service platform – Cheap and effective promotion sms tool

We provide is Cheap and effective promotion sms tool and expandable SMS service platform that connects people and machines equipped with mobile phones with the information system procedures and databases.


Mobile SMS software is the easiest and at the same time the most effective way to quickly notify many people. Due to the low price and high speed of information delivery, the business community is increasingly using sms newsletter in various forms. SMS program allows you to send SMS from a user’s computer.


Bulk SMS texting software provides the following services:


  • personal SMS sending
  • bulk sms
  • sms advertising
  • SMS alert
  • sms informing
  • sms notification

The SMS distribution includes all the necessary components for sending SMS, including free Java software.

Tariffs for sending SMS

Number of SMS The cost of 1 SMS, cop.
from 2000 to 4 999 59
from 5 000 to 9 999 49
from 10 000 to 19 999 39
from 20 000 to 99 999 30
from 100,000 to 299, 25
from 300,000 to 499,999 20
from 500 000 15

1 sms contains 140 characters in Latin or 66 characters in Cyrillic, including spaces and other characters. It is possible to replace the SMS number, that is, use instead of the sender’s number of a text signature – up to 11 characters in the Latin alphabet.

The fee for connecting the program for SMS via the Internet is absent. The subscription fee is also absent. Only purchased SMS package is paid. The purchased SMS package can be used in the SMS program for an unlimited period.

Sending SMS from the program

The principle of the SMS program is very simple. The sms program from the computer sends data via the Internet. More specifically, the program sends an SMS from a computer to special SMS gateways of cellular operators. At the receiving side of the SMS, the gateway of the communication operator receives SMS and sends them to the cellular phone of the subscriber.

After receiving the SMS by the subscriber, the program receives a signal about the delivery of SMS to the phone. So you can fully control the sent and delivered SMS. If some messages are not delivered to subscribers, this means that either the subscriber’s phone was turned off, or this number no longer exists.

If the subscriber’s phone is turned off, SMS will be delivered immediately after the phone is turned on. However, for the sent SMS, the lifetime is set to 1 day. If SMS is not delivered within 24 hours, it will be automatically deleted by the service provider.