How Writing Articles Can Help You Advertise Online

If you have been studying internet marketing and advertising for any amount of time then you have probably heard the buzz about article marketing. It might be easy to dismiss article marketing as the most recent fad but this would be a great mistake because article marketing is simply the most cost-effective internet marketing technique available (because it is free). Even when you avail yourself of some of the tools and services available a selective marketer can reap tremendous rewards for a very small investment of time and money.

Effective article marketing

Article marketing is so effective and powerful because it actually encompasses three different article marketing strategies and it also offers three different benefits. Article marketing utilizes the impact of content, power of ezine advertising, and the benefits of link building plus article marketing helps with search engine optimization, reputation building, and viral marketing. All this combines to make article marketing the ulimate internet advertising tool.

What makes article marketing so powerful?

Just what makes article marketing so powerful? Article marketing does not rely on tricks or loop holes to be effective but instead actually works with the two elements that make the internet such a powerful medium:

  • Think about what brings you (and everyone else you know) to the internet. People travel the world wide web seeking information and that is precisely what articles deliver–information organized in nice bite-sized chunks and ready for consumption.
  • Now think about how you traverse the internet. You probably start with a search engine or directory and then follow a series of pages generated first by that search and then later by links from those pages.

This is fairly typical behavior on the part of internet users and that is why content and links are so important in terms of internet marketing — and that is where article marketing comes in.

What do you get after the publication of your article?

When you submit your articles to article directories and/or distribute them to publishers your article is then available for reprint in ezines, newsletters, blogs, and web sites. Now your article is available to readers in a number of locations and that benefits you three ways.

Article writing


  • First, your reputation will grow as people read your article and you will attract immediate traffic in terms of visitors following the link from your article to your site.
  • Second, you will gain long-term search engine benefits as each time your article is published your link will also be published which will gain you quality back links. Link popularity positively impacts your web site’s rank with the major search engines.
  • Third, each article you publish has tremendous viral marketing potential as not only do publishers pass it along to their readers but then readers pass it along to others. One article published to several directories can continue to add back links and traffic for weeks, months and years to come.

Article marketing is not entirely free

You don’t need to spend cash but you will need to invest your valuable time, energy, and knowledge to make it work effectively, but the payoff for that investment will be surges in traffic to your website this year and many years to come.

Your network of articles is out there working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and often increasing exponentially daily and weekly until you have an incredibly powerful traffic network working for you. It really is a simple strategy. Want more traffic? Create more articles.

Article marketing really is the ultimate internet advertising tool because it harnesses the impact of content, power of ezine advertising, and the benefits of link building plus article marketing helps with search engine optimization, reputation building, and viral marketing.

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